A Ginga do Mané (Flavio Lira feat Kan Yanabe)


Hailing from Brazil, Flavio Lira is based in New York City.

Very active and eclectic, musical styles have never been a restriction for him, and since the beginning, he has performed with groups ranging from Popular Samba to Classical Chamber Music.

“Regardless of style, if there are great musicians on stage, I’m happy to be there!”

In 2013, Flavio moved to Boston, and during this stage of his journey, Flavio Lira kept developing the passion for his own musical roots, as well as working with different musical traditions of the world, such as Jazz, Caribbean music and others.


Now in New York, Flavio Lira is able to fully employ his versatility as a musician, collaborating with different artists and performing in prestigious venues, such as Birdland and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

As part of his most recent project, Flavio Lira is releasing the album Coffee Gold Sugar Cane, a rhythmic fusion of Brazilian grooves, Cuban clave, Colombian folkloric and jazzy chords.

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